Tuesday, September 20, 2011

False Alarm

So we had our first pregnancy false alarm on Friday…Well...sort of.

I had my weekly appointment with the OB on Friday and was expecting the normal experience. However, when the nurse took my blood pressure she did not like the reading at all, so she had me lay on my left side for a while and then came back to check it again. Yep…second reading was just as high as the first and when the Doc came in he shipped me over to the hospital for observation. But…not before he explained that if my numbers didn’t come down we would have a baby. Yikes!

So….off to the hospital I went. I’m typically not a procrastinator but there is only so much mobility this preggo has and to say things were not 100% in order would be an understatement. So…I called work, explained the situation and let them know I would be in touch and possibly a mother before Monday.

We then made the calls to our parents (or Grandparents to be) explaining no baby yet…but they were watching me and there was a possibility for delivery over the weekend.

They got me and Mackenzie all hooked up to machines and watched my blood pressure….and it came down. So…after a few hours of observation they sent me home with no baby and an order to collect urine for 24 hours (oh goody!). I took my urine sample back to the hospital on Saturday morning and got the all clear.

My next appointment is Thursday and Doc said if everything looks A-Okay then he will induce on Friday. So our little one may only days away from making her grand entrance and we couldn’t be more excited!!!

On a side note… I have to give a big shout out to Will, Mom and Dad who have been extremely patient with me lately. My patience has run thin as it takes everything in my power to keep a smile on my face when trying to move this hugmungo body around. My back aches, my feel are swollen and I’m carrying an 8 pound baby in my tummy. So…thank you all for putting up with my whining lately. I love you all!!!

Wednesday, September 14, 2011


It has been forever and a day since I’ve posted something on the good ole’ blog. So I thought I would give a quick update as to the goings on with the Collum Family.

#1. Well…I’ve had a post about my Iowa Baby Shower ready for about two weeks now but everytime I go to post it the pictures will not upload. Darn it. I think I’ve given up and will tell you it was a great party with family and friends. It was so good to see everyone, but the travel there and back took its toll on this Prego. We stopped about 5 times on the way back and between my back hurting and my feet swelling I was ready to be home.

#2. The baby’s room is just about ready. We still have some shelves to hang, decorating to do and bedding to wash to all and all it’s good to go. The biggest headache has been little Mackenzie’s letters to put above her bed. We got them up and they looked great (and I was able to post a Facebook picture) but within two hours they were on the ground. We’ve searched for other alternatives but have not found anything that sticks (literally).

#3. My due date is officially in September now and I’m going to have one big baby from the looks of everything. My doctor has me scheduled for an amniocentesis on 9/22 and if everything is positive (meaning her lungs and heart look good) then I am scheduled for induction on 9/23. However, they may end up scheduling a C-section if she’s measuring any bigger. Wow….that’s only a little over a week away!

If the test is negative and she’s not ready my doctor will deliver Mackenzie via C-section on 9/30 at 1:30pm. So…at the very latest she will be born on the last day of the month.

#4. At my last visit to the OB he checked and I’m already 1.5cm and 37 weeks on Friday so the baby could really come at any time. But being this pregnant has made me a little grumpy lately. Between having to go potty all the time, not sleeping well and the pain in my back I am more than ready for my little girl to arrive. But…I also know this comes with little sleep but a whole lot of joy. I can’t wait to meet her!!!

Ok…so I’m done with the update and complaining for one day. I plan on trying to get those baby shower pictures up soon if the good ole’ iMac will work with me. ;-) But if you don’t hear from me I will definitely post the baby story and lots and lots of pictures of our new little bundle of joy.

Keep us in your prayers…I know I’m going to need it.