Friday, July 29, 2011

It's Friday!

Thursday, July 28, 2011

Dramatic/Traumatic Day!

Yesterday I had to endure the 3 hour glucose test because I failed the initial screening. That meant I had to sit in the docs office for 3 hours and have my blood drawn four separate times. Oh yes…I almost forgot…I also had the opportunity to enjoy another wonderful glucose drink (please note the sarcasm here).

The test really wasn’t that bad other than the fact that I was so nauseous the first hour and a half. Will was there with me and I don’t know what I would have done without him. Between fanning me when the waves of nausea hit and keeping my mind off of everything between blood draws he was a champ and the best support system this pregnant mama could ask for. So now, we are just praying and playing the waiting game to see if anything looks out of the ordinary. (Let’s hope not!)

Since we both took the day off work we thought this would be the perfect opportunity to go and look at daycare centers in the area and make sure our name is on the waiting list at the right place. Who knew that just looking at daycare could be so dramatic and traumatic for a mama-to-be? Not me!!!
As we walked out of the very first daycare I broke out in tears (ok, …I wasn’t technically out of the building when the tears started).

All I could explain to Will, who was looking at me like a crazy person, was I just want to stay home with her or take her to work with me and take care of her all day long. I know that isn’t an option at this point in time, but something I wanted to consider nonetheless. I guess the guilt that goes along with being a working Mom starts early and it’s a new avenue I will have to travel for many years to come.

So…as we continued looking I felt more and more comfortable and think we’ve found a really good option and so my prayers are being sent daily for a spot to open when we need one in January.

I know sending Mackenzie off to daycare will be the first of many hard steps I will have to take in her life, but I didn’t think they would start so early.

That’s all for now!


Monday, July 25, 2011

Weekend of Spending!

Will and I had a very fun and productive weekend on the baby purchasing front and it truly was a weekend of spending (which will come to a quick hault once baby is here). Our big purchase of the weekend was a bedroom set. We have been looking and looking at cribs for some time now and have discussed where to buy and how much to spend on several different occasions, but I have never had the nerve to pull the trigger.

(Side note: I am notorious for having buyer’s remorse and typically want to immediately return any big ticket item purchased).

This weekend was a different story. We finally made the decision to buy an adorable bedroom set for our little girl and I hope she loves it!

Here are some pictures!

I'm excited to get moved into our new place and get Mackenzie's room all set up and ready for her arrival. Only 74 days and counting down until her due date!!! YAY!!!

Oh yes....and this was also the first weekend I proclaimed that I'm about done with this whole pregnancy thing. I think it was a combination of my ever growing belly and the 110 degree temperature. Leave it to me to pick the hottest summer on record to be an extremely pregnant woman. And whenever I complain I get small little kicks from my little girl which is a reminder she is just where she needs to my tummy and growing stronger every day.

Well, that's all for now folks. Happy Monday!

Angie :-)

Thursday, July 21, 2011

We're Having A Heat Wave!

We’re having a heat wave here in Wichita and this pregnant lady doesn’t like it one bit. LOL! Well, I guess I really don’t mind that much but my pregnant body has taken issue with the temperature on occasion. Yep….swelling is now a daily thing.

Swollen feet means this Mama-to-be spends evenings sitting on the couch with my feet up catching up on all my favorite shows….Not too bad if you ask me. :-)

Now this is where I have to give a huge shout out to my partner in crime and the best husband this girl could ask for….Will Collum….calling Will Collum! He’s been amazing and has really picked up the slack from this pregnant lump (and without one single complaint)! I know he’s going to be an amazing Daddy and he’s taking good care of his girls already.

(On a side note….I have a feeling our little girl is going to wrap her Daddy around her little finger.)

On the baby front we are really getting anxious to meet her, see her and just be able to snuggle with our little one. However, at the same time we are trying to live our last few months as free birds to the fullest. I know we’ll be able to sneek away once she arrives (thanks to Grammy and Grandpa Miller being so close), but it will somehow be different I assume.

Anyway, not much wisdom here today. Just getting a few thoughts out of my head and on the good ole blog. I hope everything is well with you and yours!

God Bless!

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Well...things have been crazy around the Collum home for a little bit. Between travelling to Memphis for the 4th of July and then my work travels it seems like I'm just now catching up on sleep and getting things back to normal.

However, I did want to share some of the amazing deals my Mother-in-Law and I scored while shopping in Mississippi. (Gotta Love Outlet Malls!!!)

Here's our score for the weekend:

One of my favorite outifts!

I just love shopping for our little girl and Will keeps asking me how many "costume changes" I plan on having in a day. But hey....a girl has to have options! Plus, the outlet stores were practically giving this stuff away and my best buy was an adorable shirt that I purchased for 1.39! Can't beat that!

Anyway...That's all for now. Stay tuned for more baby updates as we are only 79 days away from the due date! YIKES!!!

Saturday, July 9, 2011

Memphis Baby Shower

Who knew a quick trip down to Memphis (which includes a 10 hour car ride) would take it out of a pregnant lady? Well...not me! But hey...I had fun!

Will and I made the trip down South for the 4th of July to spend time with his family and enjoy our 1st Baby Shower. We had such a good time!!!

For now, I'm going to blog about the Baby Shower. But don't worry your pretty little heads...there will be more Memphis post coming soon or as soon as I figure out how to get the photos off the iPad and on to the iMac. (Will....calling Will! LOL)

So, My Mother-in-Law hosted a beautiful baby shower for me and little Mackenzie on Sunday afternoon and is was so nice. (She knows how to throw a party!!!) Ladies from her Church family came to celebrate our little girl and my MIL becoming a Grandmother for the 1st time.

(BTW....Will has already decided our little ones will call her Nana just like he called her Mama, Nana. So cute!)

The ladies were so generous with their gifts and put a lot of time, heart and soul into them. We are so grateful to have such faithful women saying prayers for our family.

Anywho....enjoy some pictures from the day!