Sunday, September 26, 2010

Love at first sight!

Saturday was a great day for Will and I, but after all our fun was over we had a hole in our hearts.

You know when you meet someone for the first time and you just know that he’s “The ONE”. Everything from the way he smiles to the way he kisses is magical, and it’s as if your life will never be the same from this point forward.

Well…this happened to Will and I on Saturday. We stopped by a local pet store just to browse because we know eventually we would like to add a puppy to our little family but were still undecided about the breed. As we walked by all the puppies one little guy locked eyes with me and I knew he was “The One”. We looked at a feisty little Dachshund puppy first. She was CRAZY and Cute but not the one for me.

Then we met him face to face….a little Cockapoo baby boy. As he molded himself into my hands my heart instantly melted. He snuggled so close to me and instantly felt like part of the Collum Family. Will took a turn holding him and fell in love also. We played for a bit, falling deeper and deeper in love with him, but ultimately decided to keep our impulse buying at bay and resist the urge to take him home. As we waited for him to go back with his friends Will explained how we would never find another Dog like this little guy who we named Sir Bennington Pawsworth or Benny for short. As I said goodbye a tear came to my eye. And I really broke down once I got to the car.

I know we weren’t ready to buy a puppy when we went in the store but there was something about that little guy that I will never forget. I will keep him in my prayers and hope he finds a family who will love him as much as we do. He’s one special little guy!

God Bless You & Your Puppies!


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