Thursday, March 10, 2011

Boy or Girl?

So…I’ll be 10 weeks pregnant tomorrow and the question on everyone’s mind is….Are we having a boy or a girl? Now the answer to this question won’t happen for another 10 weeks or so, but still it seems everyone has their own opinion and/or nickname for this little bun in the oven.

Culprit #1:

Me! LOL! Yep…I think for sure we are having a boy. I have no idea why…but to me…it feels like a boy. Yes, yes, yes…I know I’ve never been pregnant before and have nothing to compare anything to, but this mama-to-be thinks there is a little boy brewing in the belly. LOL!!
As for nicknames for our baby to be I really don’t have a consistent nickname other than peanut….which I find cute and my husband finds crazy! But he loves me nonetheless.

Culprit #2 and #3:

My parents. Yes, Grandpa and Grandma Miller have their own theory about the baby to be and they are convinced it’s a girl. I keep asking them why they think it’s a girl and they simple reply…because it is. Not too much help if you ask me. They are true to the convictions on this one and are sure it’s a girl.

As for nicknames they have a few. The first official nickname for our sweet little baby is Blueberry! Yep...that’s right Blueberry. It’s been from about day one of my pregnancy.
The other nickname they’ve adopted recently is Sophia. This nickname came about when we were discussing when I would be able to find out the sex of the baby and noticed they would be on vacation in Italy during that time. So….that means our baby girl (since they know it’s a girl…lol) is named Sophia for right now. LOL! My parents are crazy, but I love them and wouldn’t have it any other way. LOL!

For right now we will all have to wait as I continue to care for my little peanut, and we will see who’s right in the end. Either way…all I want is a happy and healthy bundle of joy!

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