Tuesday, May 10, 2011

It's a GIRL!!!

Yesterday Will and I had our official “find out the gender of the baby” appointment. (Please note…this is a long rambling for an extremely emotional pregnant lady. If you make it to the end however….I will share the proposed baby name. Good Luck to you!!!)

As I laid on the table they sonogram tech asked if we wanted to know and then explained it would be the very last thing we looked at.

So she went through the checks of the organs and head and did all the necessary measurements. It was so cool to see how our little flicker on the screen looks so developed. Amazing!! We saw the profile and little foot and then on to the main event. Well…that’s what we thought anyway.

The baby was asleep and was not ready to budge and was being quit stubborn (just like her mom), so we had to shake things up a bit. After several shakes of the tummy and literally holding my breath…we found out it’s a girl. Tears immediately came to my eyes. I asked Will if he was disappointed to which he reassured me not at all!

After the sonogram we were to meet with my doctor to go over things which also gave him a chance to go over the report and see if anything looked askew. (Everything looked great by the way!)

Anywho…As I sat in the room the tears just kept flowing and Will asked if everything was alright. I said…I had no idea I wanted a girl so much, and I kept thinking of all the fun things we will do together through the years. He on the other hand said his stress level went through the roof as he was thinking about boyfriends, driving and protecting his little girl! (He’s going to be such a good Daddy!)

When the doctor came in the room he asked if we had anything questions and Will piped up and said what shotgun do your recommend. LOL! So…the doctor (who also has a little girl) had a brief and informative shotgun discussion and I sat there and laughed.

After all the calls were made and news was spread we made our way to Babies R Us and Target to register for gifts for the little one. We are so excited to meet this little girl and hope God keeps us all safe today, tomorrow and always.

As promised...Will and I have locked in on a first name for our little princess....Mackenzie.

What do you think?

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Missy... said...

la la la love the name! beautiful name for what is sure to be a beautiful girl. Now, head directly to the Target kids clearance section and stock up! Now is the time to buy ahead for that sweet girl! :)