Friday, May 27, 2011


So…I’m officially 21 weeks today (only 133 to go but who’s counting…well…I guess I am. LOL!) and I think I’ve officially felt movement. Now… THINK … is the key word here because as a newbie I’m not really sure what I’m feeling in the belly… so it may just be hoping for movement.

Description of “the feeling”: I tried to explain this to Will but it’s so hard. The best way I came up with is it feels like little flutters. Kind of like when you have your hand in water and you move it back and forth slowly. The way the water feels on your fingers is what I’ve been feeling in my tummy!

Anywho……when I was laying there I told Will…I think I feel our little girl. He immediately started talking to her and saying her name….to which she responded with more movement. It was pretty sweet and a moment I hope I don’t forget anytime soon.

All the little moments of the pregnancy seem to be a blur and I hope by recording some of them and journaling our little peanut will enjoy hearing about the days leading to her highly anticipated arrival.

Well…I’m off to do some cleaning and preparing for the Memphis Collum’s trip to Kansas. I can’t wait to see them…so stay tuned for blogging about time with family!

Have a safe and happy holiday weekend!

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