Thursday, April 14, 2011

Amazing Grace

My family just got word that my Great-Aunt Ruth, who just happens to turn 96 next week, suffered from a stroke on Tuesday morning. My prayers are being sent to the Lord to comfort her as she battles through this tough time, but at the same time I know she is ready to go home to be with our Lord.

My Great-Aunt Ruth is one of the most spiritual women I know, and serves a such a witness to how living a purpose driven life and having a strong faith can see you through even your darkest days. She has seen so many loved ones be taken to our Heavenly Father, some far too young, but faith never left her.

One of my most vivid memories of my Aunt Ruth is her telling the story of when my Uncle Walt passed away. Uncle Walt had been sick for some time but everyone knew he was going to take a turn for the better any day. But in my heart, I think Aunt Ruth knew better and she made her peace with that. The night Uncle Walt died I remember Aunt Ruth saying that he was struggling to breathe and she talked to the Lord's spirit and ask him to ease Walt's pain. I remember tears filling my eyes when she spoke of this. She loved my Uncle Walt so much that she wanted his suffering to end and him to spend the rest of his life with the Lord rather than with her on earth.

Another thing I will never forget about my Aunt Ruth is the twinkle in her eye when she smiled! And everytime you spoke with her she would end the conversation with.....God loves you unconditionally, and so do I! Hearing those words always filled my heart with such joy.

I titled this post Amamzing Grace, because whenever I think of my Aunt Ruth that song always fills my head. I don't know if it's her faith, her grace, her smile or love that make me think of this. But the one thing I do know....She is and always will be AMAZING!


Missy... said...

Praying for your great aunt Ruth and your family, Ang. May God be near and bring you all peace.

Angie 'n Will said...

Thanks for your prayers Missy! They are moving her to hospice today.