Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Baby Update!

Well...It's time once again for a baby update! We had an OB Appointment yesterday and took a quick listen to our little peanut's heartbeat. He or She was beating strong at 152. My blood pressure was good and everything is right on track and Will and I couldn't be happier. AND...In only 4 short weeks (May 9th to be exact....and the day after Mother's Day...which couldn't be more perfect) we get to see our little baby again to determine if it's a boy or girl! So excited!!! Let's just hope and pray these 4 weeks fly by and the baby is willing to cooperate with us on the big day!!

On another front Pregnancy has been hitting me hard the last few days with morning, noon and night sickness, and the list of foods I never want to eat again is quickly grown. Yuck! But...I wouldn’t go through all this for anyone else. :-)

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