Friday, April 15, 2011


Well I’m officially 15 weeks pregnant today and according to the “fruit tracker” the baby is about the size of an orange. (Wow…they sure do grow fast). Anywho…I thought I would blog a little bit about the weirdness that is my pregnancy and my cravings…so here we go.

#1. Chili. I would eat chili morning, noon and night if I could and for a while I think I was eating just about every day. And did I mention I was in complete and total heaven. LOL! The chili warmed my belly and just tasted so good….Mmmmm…Chili. I think I know what I’m having for dinner. Maybe this obsession started since I found out I was expecting in January, but maybe it’s just my love of chili. LOL! Either way….I’m totally 100% obsessed!

#2. Strawberry cake with Strawberry frosting. This obsession came during an office party when one of my amazing co-workers the treat. Now they slices of cake were cut very small….but I still have 4. LOL! And ever since that day I’ve been dreaming about Strawberry Cake with Strawberry Frosting. Yum! Yum!

#3. Oranges. This is very appropriate since the baby is also the size of an orange, but I love me some oranges. I could eat 10 a day if it didn’t cost so much (and the acid in them wasn’t so high). But nonetheless…throw an orange my way and you won’t get it back.

So….that’s a little glimpse into the world of a starving pregnant lady who typically has only food on the brain. Just sitting here my mouth is watering and I’m planning my grocery list and strawberry cake and frosting is defiantly going on the list!

I’m just glad my amazing husband helps me out and makes sure my meals are as balanced as possible or I may just let my brain and imagination come up with some of the craziest plates ever. Hope everyone has a great weekend with some great eats! I know I will! ;-)

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