Monday, July 25, 2011

Weekend of Spending!

Will and I had a very fun and productive weekend on the baby purchasing front and it truly was a weekend of spending (which will come to a quick hault once baby is here). Our big purchase of the weekend was a bedroom set. We have been looking and looking at cribs for some time now and have discussed where to buy and how much to spend on several different occasions, but I have never had the nerve to pull the trigger.

(Side note: I am notorious for having buyer’s remorse and typically want to immediately return any big ticket item purchased).

This weekend was a different story. We finally made the decision to buy an adorable bedroom set for our little girl and I hope she loves it!

Here are some pictures!

I'm excited to get moved into our new place and get Mackenzie's room all set up and ready for her arrival. Only 74 days and counting down until her due date!!! YAY!!!

Oh yes....and this was also the first weekend I proclaimed that I'm about done with this whole pregnancy thing. I think it was a combination of my ever growing belly and the 110 degree temperature. Leave it to me to pick the hottest summer on record to be an extremely pregnant woman. And whenever I complain I get small little kicks from my little girl which is a reminder she is just where she needs to my tummy and growing stronger every day.

Well, that's all for now folks. Happy Monday!

Angie :-)

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