Thursday, July 28, 2011

Dramatic/Traumatic Day!

Yesterday I had to endure the 3 hour glucose test because I failed the initial screening. That meant I had to sit in the docs office for 3 hours and have my blood drawn four separate times. Oh yes…I almost forgot…I also had the opportunity to enjoy another wonderful glucose drink (please note the sarcasm here).

The test really wasn’t that bad other than the fact that I was so nauseous the first hour and a half. Will was there with me and I don’t know what I would have done without him. Between fanning me when the waves of nausea hit and keeping my mind off of everything between blood draws he was a champ and the best support system this pregnant mama could ask for. So now, we are just praying and playing the waiting game to see if anything looks out of the ordinary. (Let’s hope not!)

Since we both took the day off work we thought this would be the perfect opportunity to go and look at daycare centers in the area and make sure our name is on the waiting list at the right place. Who knew that just looking at daycare could be so dramatic and traumatic for a mama-to-be? Not me!!!
As we walked out of the very first daycare I broke out in tears (ok, …I wasn’t technically out of the building when the tears started).

All I could explain to Will, who was looking at me like a crazy person, was I just want to stay home with her or take her to work with me and take care of her all day long. I know that isn’t an option at this point in time, but something I wanted to consider nonetheless. I guess the guilt that goes along with being a working Mom starts early and it’s a new avenue I will have to travel for many years to come.

So…as we continued looking I felt more and more comfortable and think we’ve found a really good option and so my prayers are being sent daily for a spot to open when we need one in January.

I know sending Mackenzie off to daycare will be the first of many hard steps I will have to take in her life, but I didn’t think they would start so early.

That’s all for now!


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Adriana said...

The 3 hour glucose test sucks. I failed two out of the three times I took it and the two times I failed I still didn't end up having diabetes anyways. Bleh! Taking your baby to daycare is always super hard. Just remember it is way harder on you than her. I always have Bret plan to drop off the baby in the morning the first week back to work. For some reason leaving the house is not as hard as leaving the baby at daycare. Bret never seemed to mind as much as I did. It is hard but you will get through it!