Tuesday, November 3, 2009

The Job Description of a Wife

I know it may sound silly but now that I'm officially a Wife I feel empowered to fulfill certain responsibilities. No No...Not That...And get your mind out of the gutter...LOL!

I'm talking about all the little things that come with being a Wife....it's kind of like a job description. You know...making dinner, doing laundry and keeping things organized. These are all things I've done and have been doing but now I feel more pressure to get them done and keep things in order. Not that Will has anything to do with this feeling, because he is so laid back that he can deal with any mess we create. But as his Wife I want to make things easy for us both. I know it may sound silly and kind of like I'm tyring to live the life of a 1950s housewife but with being home all day and not working I feel compelled to be the best Wife possible.

As I began to write these feeling down I began to wonder if this feeling of trying to be the perfect wife will ever go away. Will and I are only a few weeks into our marriage and I know the road ahead will become harder to travel as we add more road blocks like demanding jobs and kids.

There are women I know out there who are amazing and seem to have everything all figured out in the wife and mother department (Amanda, Kris, Missy, and Adriana...to name a few) and I peek into their lives and blogs to learn from them because they are an inspiration to me and probably many other women out there.

Ok....I know I'm rambling now....But in conclusion, I know I will figure things out and get organized in a way that makes sense to me. God will not give Will and I more than we can handle and I look forward to seeing our marriage grow and becoming the best Wife I can be.



Adriana said...

Figured out? LOL!! I remember feeling that way too when I first got married. I also know that I took on more of those responsibilities when I stayed home for a while. It's easy to get into routines (aka Bret takes out the trash, cleans the bunny cage, helps with bath time, I do most of the cooking, cleaning, laundry) but it's important to remember (and to remind your husband) that you are a team. Sharing responsiblities (like paying bills/managing money or buying the groceries) helps that "team" partnership that is so important in marriage. Otherwise the newness will wear off and you will feel resentful that you do all the work (even though you started it that way):)

Missy... said...

You're going to be a great wife, Ang! Just take it day by day and love your husband...everything else will fall into place. Just remember -- at the end of the day it's not about how much laundry you did or how clean your house is, it's the time you spent with your husband and God that matters (my gross bathrooms are proof of that!). :)